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  Florence, AL 35630    

  Counseling, Massage Therapy, Yoga

Mosaic Yoga Classes


Mosaic offers a safe and comfortable environment to learn and practice Yoga. 

Classes focus on acceptance and allowance of our bodies and our spirit, not competition or comparison to one another.

No registration is needed, simply arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins.  Yoga mats and props are available for use.  
Classes are $10 each ($5 student price). 

 All levels welcome.

*** Current classes on pause***

Classes led by Sarah Gaede, Certified Yoga Instructor

Sarah Gaede, yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, all levels, Mosaic, Florence, AL 35630

Sarah Gaede received her Yoga Alliance certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA. Sarah enjoys bringing her humor to her yoga classes and her friendly approach makes students feel at ease. Sarah is quick to offer tips for modification, explains the benefits of each pose and routine, and suggest practical tips to improve wellness off the mat.

"Since I’m not as young as I used to be, I prefer slow, deep poses that allow breath and gravity to work, that quiet the mind, and that are good for bones and balance. We also laugh a lot!" Sarah.